Expert Visits CTIP to Learn About Anti-Trafficking Approaches

17309299_1934314936852144_2147394478240344485_n21 March 2017, Phnom Penh & Kampong Cham – To learn about anti-trafficking methods a USAID Thailand anti-trafficking expert visited CTIP activities in Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham. The expert visited JVC technical school in Phnom Penh where five survivors of trafficking are being trained on auto repair skills that will allow them to earn to improve their life situations and prevent re-exploitation. The survivors shared their experience with the training, as well as their hopes and challenges moving forward. Their training is being supported by CTIP partner Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights (CCPCR) through the CTIP program.

In addition the expert visited a chick production farm in Kampong Cham and was impressed to17457876_1935050893445215_3164909227797285443_n see transferring of skills and resources from the farm to community members for improved income and employment opportunities. These resources will help villagers successfully raise chickens for better incomesto prevent risky migration and trafficking. The chick farm owner received technical skills, an egg incubator and cages from CTIP partner Sovan Phoum.