Government Recognizes Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons Program Contributions to National Anti-Human Trafficking Day

Celebrations took place across Cambodia for the 12 December National Anti-Human Trafficking Day, lead by the government and supported by NGOs including USAID’s Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons (CTIP) program implemented by Winrock International, which received a certificate of recognition for its contribution to the events at both national and sub-national levels. CTIP jointly supported the production of information materials for the day to raise awareness with the public on preventing and fighting human trafficking. These materials included bags printed with key national trafficking hotline numbers and t-shirts.

The celebrations were organized by the government’s National Committee for Counter USAID CTIP Snapshot 9 Photo 1.jpgTrafficking-in-Persons (NCCT) at the national level and Provincial Committees for Counter Trafficking-in-Persons (PCCT) at the sub-national level. Events were supported by CTIP in six provinces and reached more than 5,000 people.

At the national celebration in Phnom Penh, Samdech Kralahom Sar Keng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Chair of the NCCT stated that, “We need involvement from all relevant stakeholders. No single individual, institution, or country is able to eliminate human trafficking crimes alone…we need to have common understanding, willingness, and strong commitment.”

Her Excellency Chou Bun Eng, Permanent Vice Chair of the NCCT reiterated the government’s strategy to “strengthen collaboration and migration management for effective prevention, protection, suppression and prosecution.” Samdech Sar Keng affirmed the commitment of the Royal Government of Cambodia to “continue the effort to combat all forms of human trafficking.”

The celebration in Phnom Penh was attended by over 2,000 participants including military police, monks, government officials and students as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia Mr. William A. Heidt and his wife Mrs. Sotie Heidt.

At the event marking the day in Siem Reap, the NCCT and PCCT presented a Certificate of Appreciation to CTIP for supporting the celebrations and working cooperatively with the government’s national and sub-national anti-trafficking bodies. You Sophea, Siem Reap Provincial Deputy Governor and Permanent Vice-Chair of the Siem Reap PCCT thanked CTIP for its consistent cooperation and support.

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