Services and Support for Victims of Trafficking

Protection: Increasing Quality of and Access to Victim Services

Repatriated Cambodians undergo victim identification and assessment

The USAID-CTIP program aims to standardise victim identification and facilitate victim-centered, trauma-informed case management. The recently finalised Guidelines on Forms and Procedures for Identification of Victims of Human Trafficking for Appropriate Service Provision represents a significant achievement in the standardisation of victim identification, and the USAID-CTIP program will continue to support the Royal Government of Cambodia in implementing this new policy.

The USAID-CTIP program aims to provide 2,000 trafficking survivors with holistic, Second Change at Education for Trafficked Children Forced to Beg in Vietnamcommunity or shelter based support services, including trauma care and legal assistance. The program will also train 2,000 service providers on TIP protection to increase the quality of and access to victim services. This includes repatriation services, counselling, basic needs provision, medical services and follow up support. Furthermore, the program aims to build community safety networks to empower victims and vulnerable populations