Police Commit to Applying New Techniques for Enhanced Anti-Trafficking Investigations

usaid-ctip-photo-caption-5-photoPolice officers received certifications for completing a training on investigative interview techniques. They committed to applying their new knowledge in practice to rescue and protect vulnerable people and victims of trafficking.

Through the support of USAID’s Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons program implemented by Winrock International, International Justice Mission (IJM) joined forces with Cambodia’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJP) to train 23 police officers on forensic interview techniques. The closing ceremony was attended by Major General Pol Phie They, Director of the AHTJP Unit; Sean Callahan, Deputy Mission Director of USAID Cambodia and Mary Heller, IJM International Director of Investigations and Law Enforcement Development. “Deterring and eventually eliminating trafficking through effective investigations and prosecutions is an important and critical part of the overall solution in counter trafficking-in-persons,” said Sean Callahan. “Today, I particularly want to honor the men and women in uniform…who carry the heavy weight of the badge and nobly defend those things worthy of defending,” said Mary Heller.

Major General Pol Phie They stated that, in this police uniform, we are supposed to rescue and protect victims and vulnerable people. The knowledge acquired from this training is useless without willingness, honesty and commitment to protect people, he said.

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