Strengthen Monitoring and Coordination to Implement Policies at Sub-National Levels

Partnership: Coordinating With Key Stakeholders to Advance Prevention, Protection and Prosecution

Close coordination and cooperation of all stakeholders is crucial to effectively curb trafficking-in-persons. USAID-CITP gives priority to build good coordination and to involve all relevant stakeholders at national and sub-national level. The project works closely with nine provincial committees and will reach one hundred commune councils in the next four years, to link advocacy action from national to sub-national level and to develop good models to replicate.

USAID-CTIP program maintains collaboration with Koh Kong Provincial Committee to combat TIP

Meeting with Koh Kong PCCT Chair

On January 23th  , USAID-CTIP met with the Chair of Provincial Counter Trafficking-in-Persons (PCCT) of Koh Kong, to learn on the CTIP’s work and next plans in the province and to strengthen cooperation and collaboration with the project. …more


USAID-CTIP builds join plans with commune council to prevent TIP


On January 23th, USAID-CTIP team met the commune chief and counsellors of Dang Paeng commune of  Koh Kong province.  CTIP is going to start closely with this commune and the meeting was the occasion to introduce the project’s plan to support the commune and to learn more about the context…more



Paklan Commune Chief and Councils express their willingness to work collaboratively with USAID-CTIP

A team from USAID CTIP met Paklan Commune Chief and councilors to introduce the USAID-CTIP program in their commune and discuss the about people’s livelihood conditions. The Chief and councilors expressed their willingness to work collaboratively with CTIP for joint effort to counter trafficking in persons.


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