IEC Feedback

Dear valued partners,

We kindly seek your feedback and comments on the IEC materials that are being developed for the CTIP program (especially if you are directly providing the services on the card or those relevant to trafficking and migration).

There are two sections to the feedback:

A. Below you are able to view the different IEC materials that we are seeking your feedback on.

B. After the images of the IEC materials is a feedback form that we kindly request you to fill out. The feedback is focused on the Helpline card and eco-bag.

Section A: IEC Materials

  1. Helpline card


3. Eco-bag with helpline numbers (please note the image below is a scan of the physical bag and therefore the quality is not very good and there are some creases in the image – the colours are not so dark and very similar to the above helpline card)



Section B: Evaluation Form

Thank you very much for your valued feedback! It is extremely useful and important to us. We hope to produce a product that is satisfactory and useful to all CTIP stakeholders.