Event Highlights Films by Human Trafficking Survivors

IMG_5102 copy.jpgShort films made by survivors of human trafficking were screened and a Q&A was held between audiences and representatives from Winrock International at the Chaktomuk Film Insight 2017 Part 1 held at Meta House on 11 February 2017. Nine short films, including some created by survivors of human trafficking, were screened on the topic of trafficking and migration. The films were originally created for the Chaktomuk Film Project and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival 2016, which was mainly sponsored by USAID’s Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons program implemented by Winrock International. Following the screening, a Q&A session was held with Winrock International representatives, filmmakers and festival organizers to create dialogue on addressing trafficking and migration through film.

The event, held by film collective Kon Khmer Kone Khmer as part of Chaktomuk Film Festival 2017, was the first in a series where selected short films will be screened to the public and chances provided for audiences to ask questions and begin insightful conversations with specially invited filmmakers, directors, producers and other stakeholders.

Read more about the Chaktomuk Film Project and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival here, view films by the survivors of trafficking here and view the winning films on the topic of human trafficking and migration here.