CTIP-SHARE Communications Requirements and Obligations

USAID Communications Requirements

& Obligations of Winrock and NGO partners

No Items required Length Description Purpose Important elements Timeline
1 Snapshot (Success story). 350-500 words. Story which shows changes made by and successes

of the project and the impact on beneficiaries.

·   Evidence of achievement of CTIP project that we report to donors;

·   Communication tool to raise awareness and increase understanding of the program;

·   For research purpose.

·   A good photo (with caption).

·   Font: Gill Sans.

·   Connection with a testimony of someone involved in the activity.

·   Quotes.

·   Positive change (e.g. Change in victims’ lives).

·   Evidence.

·   Indicates impact of the project.

*Feature Story*

W1 of the last month of each quarter

(1 per quarter).


2 Short Report: Key events /activities. 140 characters /Two sentences A short description of your main project activity. Used for Facebook and Twitter. ·   Impact statement.

·   Highlight the impact/result the main activity/event.

During and immediately after the event/activity.


3 Long Report: Key Event/activity: (news format). 150-500 words. Blog and Newsletter. ·   Hot News style

WH (What, Why, When, Where, Who, How..).

·   A few good photos.

1 or 2 days after the event/activity.


4 Monthly bullet points (Photos of the month). A phrase or sentence. Short descriptions your project activities of the month along with good photos. Photo Gallery/

Photo display.


Show activities of individual organization. 28th of the each month

(As many as possible).


5 Press Release (joint).  A page. Introduce/ capture journalists’ interest on our project activity/ achievement. Media relation and

news covers.

·   Hot News style

WH (What, Why, When, Where, Who, How..)


When there will be things for the public interest/that are newsworthy.
6 Media Advisory. A page & agenda. Invite/ introduce

journalists to our key upcoming events.

Media relation and invitation. ·   Event briefing (newsworthy).

·   Invitation.

Introduce/invite journalists to come to an important event.
7 Event Calendar Update.


Filling out the required information. Spread sheet (sent by Davan). Book the schedule of Representative from US Embassy /USAID mission. Filling out the required information in the spreadsheet. At least a month before a new quarter start.