CTIP Program Maintains Collaboration With Koh Kong Provincial Committee to Combat TIP

Meeting with Koh Kong PCCT Chair
Meeting with Koh Kong PCCT Chair

23 January 2016, Koh Kong -USAID-CTIP met with the Chair of the Provincial Counter Trafficking-in-Persons (PCCT) in Koh Kong to share information about CTIP’s work and next plans in the province, and to strengthen cooperation and collaboration with the project. Mr. Phaithoun Phlam Kesan expressed his commitment to work collaboratively with CTIP to move the community forward in combating trafficking in persons. Since 2015, some joint activities have been implemented in Koh Kong with NGO partners mainly for raising awareness on safe ways to migrate. However, budgeting for TIP activities is insufficient and most activates are funded by NGO partners.

The province plans to improve the capacity of the police officers, to promote the use of border pass for seasonal migrants, to raise awareness to entertainment workers about TIP and to collaborate with Thai authorities to monitor guesthouses where illegal migrants may be gathered and trafficked. The chair is also planning to set up a TIP task force team and submitted request a request to do so to the Provincial Governor.

CTIP will continue to coordinate and support the committee.