CTIP Mobilizes Peace Corpse Volunteers for a Joint Effort in Preventing Human Trafficking at the Community Level


9 February 2016, Phnom Penh – USAID’s CTIP program provided an interactive training on human trafficking to 59 Peace Corps volunteers in Phnom Penh. In the training, the volunteers from the US, who have been living and working in different provinces of Cambodia since last July, showed much interest and commitment to learn more about trafficking and ways to combat it. Some shared the stories they heard in their host communities about women sent to China for marriage and of men working on fishing vessels. Some told CTIP that many in their communities are interested to migrate to Thailand and Malaysia, but do not know how to do it, and expressed that they would like to learn more to give them proper information to protect them from exploitation and human trafficking. After learning about different forms of trafficking in Cambodia and abroad, some volunteers proposed interesting initiatives to organize with their communities. CTIP will follow up on these initiatives and provide further support to join hands for working on TIP prevention in Cambodian provinces.