CTIP Builds Joint Plans with Commune Council to Prevent TIP


23 January 2016, Koh Kong – The USAID-CTIP team met the commune chief and counsellors of Dang Paeng commune of  Koh Kong province.  CTIP is going to start working closely with this commune and the meeting was the occasion to introduce the project’s plan to support the commune and to learn more about the local context.

The discussion with the local authorities aimed to learn more about the commune to design the initial assessment to be conducted in March. In this commune there are 6 villages with 1,817 households. The commune has potentialities to develop the ecotourism, cultivation of rice, pepper, sugar cane and durian. Yet, such potentials will not be sufficient to respond to the local people’s work needs. Some will continue to migrate to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea for employment opportunities. These potential migrants need better access to information on local employment opportunities, as well as information on cross-border migration. The project will address all those needs to prevent them from being trafficked.

Cooperation with the local authorities plays an important role in preventing human trafficking and USAID-CTIP plans to work closely with communes to develop sustainable livelihood options and safety nets for people most at risk.

CTIP will start in March supporting 65 high-risk communes to develop strategies to combat and prevent TIP. By the end of the project 90 selected communes will have a reduction in their vulnerability to TIP.