CTIP Attends PCCT Quarterly Meeting in Kampong Cham

8 April 2016, Kampong Cham – The quarterly meeting of the Provincial Committee for Counter Trafficking (PCCT) in Kampong Cham was attended by participants from differePCCT Kp Cham picturent provincial departments and NGOs working in counter trafficking. Participants shared updates on activities that were implemented in the last quarter, activities planned for the next quarter and challenges they faced in this work. The chair of the meeting raised the issue of risky migration, borrowing money, international marriage trafficking and sex trafficking taking place in karaoke bars. She recommended that the government’s education, health and tourism departments should take action to explain sex work to youth, and that the information department should also continue to educate the public on safe migration.

Different cases were raised for discussion, including one regarding childcare and another case related to a complaint made by a migrant’s family against a private recruitment agency, Human Resource Development Co’Ltd, about the cheating of a migrant. Although the police made a report on the latter incident, clarification was needed regarding the existing complaint mechanism under the provincial department of labor, and the group agreed that all members of the Provincial Committee for Counter Trafficking should be trained on this mechanism.

CTIP also brought up the topic of government-provided technical vocational education and training services (TVET). The department for TVET promised to give training to members of target communes if they wished to learn, and added that they are seeking cooperation with all members to share information about the vocational services available. The department offered to raise awareness about skills and vocational training to the public if CTIP required it.