Chum Phally (Mr.)

IMG_0024Chum Phally (Mr.)

Position: Advocacy and Policy Advisor.

Commitment: “I will do my best to work together with NGO development partners to strengthen the NCCT and PCCTs to prevent trafficking of vulnerable and at risk populations, to protect victims of TIP, and prosecute traffickers.” 

Profile: Phally has been working for national and international NGOs for more 20 years in field of human rights and development. He worked for ADHOC as Head of Advocacy Section from 1994-2005, at ILO-Better Factory as Remediation Officer from 2005-2008 and for COSECAM as Technical Coordinator of Technical Coordination Unit from 2008-2011. Phally worked for four years at the previous CTIP project from 2011-2015, as Labor Trafficking Technical Advisor. Key inputs for these organizations are: 1) Project Management and Development: develop long term strategic planning, proposals, plan of action, work plan, report, monitoring and evaluation and 2) Technical inputs: develop curriculum of human rights, including child’s rights and women’s rights, land rights, freedoms of association, participation, and assembly, review law, sub-decree, prakas, guidelines, and mechanism to ensure compliance with and respect for human rights. Partnership and Networking: I have been working with: 1) Government: National Committee on counter trafficking (NCCT), Provincial Committee on counter trafficking (PCCT), Cambodian National Council for Children (CNCC), Commune Committee for Children and Women (CCWC). 2) NGO: NGO-Forum, Star Kampuchea, CCC, and Human Rights Action Committee.